We are ERM Power

ERM is an energy business for business. We make it simple for organisations to take charge of their energy and make smarter choices.

We have been powering Australia for more than 30 years and are the largest dedicated supplier of energy to business. Renowned for our breadth of knowledge, thought leadership, innovation and expertise, we are the business energy experts.

Our Values

Feel the Energy

ERM Is all about spirit, energy, vision and actions. We’re here to be the best in the business, and our people are at the heart of our success. Our values go beyond words on a wall, reflecting what’s real and spotlighting where we’re heading in the future.

Action-oriented Values

Our three core values – simplify, amplify, exemplify – are straightforward and action-oriented. They build on our current strengths and zoom in on where our energy needs to be focused to achieve our future goals. Values play a big part in the life of our business are designed to reflect everything we do.

Power to the People

Our people are the face of ERM Power. Our reputation is a result of everyone’s individual and team contribution, and we acknowledge how important the energy our people bring to their work is for our success. Our values put shape and substance around that energy and commitment.

Guide Rails for Success

Our values are a measure and a guide for how we work with each other, how we make decisions, and how we behave. They set the expectations for our new starters, give our team something to live up to, and will help us all put our ‘best foot forward’.


The Neerabup team swapped the power station for the kitchen to help prepare meals for the homeless in Perth. Taking advantage of the annual volunteer leave entitlement offered by ERM Power, the team put their culinary skills to the test in support of Manna Inc. – a charitable organisation providing hope and dignity to Perth’s hungry and under privileged.

ERM Power Movember Team

At ERM, we’re proud to support the causes our people are passionate about. We encourage employees who are active in their communities to support charitable causes and organisations. We recognise the commitment of our teams by also providing a financial contribution to their fundraising efforts.

Photo of Robogals logo and robotic equipment

ERM Power are a proud sponsor of Robogals Brisbane – an international student-run organisation that aims to inspire, engage and empower young women to consider studying engineering and STEM fields. Sponsorships help with the improvement of workshops, purchasing of equipment, and facilitation of training and ideation sessions for Robogals volunteers.

Photo of children from The Armidale School in Tasmaina

Geelong Grammar Indigenous Education program
ERM Power has long been a supporter of indigenous education programs. As a company, we support indigenous programs at The Armidale School in New South Wales and Geelong Grammar School in Victoria. The continued support from ERM Power has funded indigenous cultural activities and the tutoring of students.